Happy, Good​-​Looking, and In Love

by Friends and Family

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Friends and Family's debut album, a year in the making, aims to be a cohesive whole, a narrative of the private and the cosmic from beginning to end.
Funded on their own and released to love and acclaim, we hope you enjoy what you hear.


released May 12, 2013

Produced by Sam Anderson
Mixed by Erik Blood
Mastered by Chris Hanzsek



all rights reserved


Friends and Family Seattle, Washington

"It's honest, sad, and epic but without being big or bombastic..." - Charles Mudede, The Stranger

"Like Johnny Rotten meets The Band!" - Malcolm Guite, Cambridge Scholar

"Friends and Family are from another Seattle, a Seattle where people read books, make jokes, and sometimes sweat from doing things other than bicycling." - Bart Cameron, Ball of Wax Audio Quarterly
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Track Name: Laura in the Woods
Every time you find yourself enjoying life,
Something has to die.
Is that a sacrifice your willing to make?
I am the widow of a wealthy man,
from a foreign land,
now I must retrace every step I thought to make.

I cried for you, a body wrapped in plastic.
Cold and static,
Your rigid mortal body broken never bends
and the earth must swallow what you were
and what you'll never be,
but something wild in your eyes is finally free.

Isolation, you called me by that name
Isolation, now I am so afraid

I climbed out my bedroom window just to be with you
We're breaking curfew,
running wild with the teenagers from school,
And we're all sick over her killer
Your cold inventor,
But I know that I won't ever be alone.

I bit my lip when I bit down.
I bet my life on what I found,
in side our bodies there's a million
plasmic planets spinning round.
Track Name: Green and Yellow Basket
Of how they married in the night,
I heard a bitter herb was served as wine
and then a veil of tears she wept,
for the life they thought they might've led.

Distant feelings from the past,
I saw your silhouette inside the glass
Your body raised in shapes she knew,
and image of a bride and not a groom.

I don't wanna hang from you,
Even if this is the end,
I won't hang from you.

And then they slept on the same bed,
Became sisters of the tears they shed,
They heard the same electric cry
for a boy who couldn't sleep tonight.

You were my friend in truth,
even when you told the whole world about my ugly tooth
with a stick and a crooked grin,
through the gate that breaks the fence I escape again.

I don't wanna be the victim of your horrible crime,
I don't wanna be the dancer in your lime light,
I have seen the evil way you treat the people you like,
My little sister was a dandelion in your eyes,
and she got scattered in the wind.
Track Name: Red Sky Day
I cried because the sky had turned
to orange, pink and violet like it hadn't before.
It's the end of time.
So Celeste descends,
her dark night face and milky ways,
oh how I rend my shirt,
she comes to judge us all.

Maybe when she's done we will be pure
Take us to a grand celestial shore.

I lie awake on red sky day
her silver stars discern our fate.

She judges with the gifts she gave
a sugar cane, placed over my brother's grave
who by my hand was slain.
And sister swims with dolphins
listening to wonders' children
sing their senseless song,
we're just killing time.

Celeste you got me caught between your blinds.
Someday I will be yours and you'll be mine.
Track Name: I Want to Believe
Believe you me this was the hardest part.
That I could say the words, they're in my heart.
And if you think that I would ever take this lightly,
you're wrong.

I know you asked me more than one time to explain,
but can't you see it's not the easiest thing
to put my finger on what it's exactly I mean.
When I say this, what I mean is
I won't take you lightly.

I think we lost the plot we sought after so long.
I think we missed something along the way,
but I loved you for so long.

What would it take you to see,
That even when you find sleep,
and in the morning still weep, oh well.
I could be seen as the best of them.
I could be seen as the best,
but I won't take it lightly.

Hey! I think I'm losing my brain.
Track Name: Ugly Tooth
Haven't asked for much, but it came.
We've been losing teeth in growing pains.
Though we're christened with a sinner's name,
I will hide the ugly tooth and hide the shame.

I remember days I shook with fear,
and I said I wish this wasn't me.
Though we both agree its the saddest thing,
I will hide my ugly tooth and feel the sting.

I don't know what I have left in store
but each time I open this mouth of mine,
I love you more.
This feeling, this hurt, this pain I can't ignore.
It comes out with the ugly tooth you dared to adore.

All men will be false, be false,
be faulted mounds of clay.
The adulteress pleads be true, be true
be true, glory, hallelu.

There's a line drawn in the sand
and as we see the stones fall from the sinners hands,
You called him brother, you called him friend, called him son.
And a line is drawn between right and wrong,
and the kingdom gates all leaked eternal song,
whoa. Hallelujah.
Track Name: Be Still
Feelin pretty tired but baby don't sleep.
She's turning this thing over in her washing machine.
Some demon keep quiet till it learn to speak
Then, oh, it don't shut up, no.

Be still my heart, I said what've you done
He is a father as he is a son
It turns on itself and the cycle's just begun
Oh, if it keeps on spinning
Oh, I'll make my own decision

Take me to your ship I wanna go
Silver spinning sister hold me close.

Be still my heart I said look at what you did.
We were just kids, built secrets and hid.
Picking us up by our consciences,
oh, what did you discover?
Was it me you unearthed?

Take me to your ship I wanna go,
Silver spinning sister hold me close,
Time moves fast and time also moves slow.

When I get back I felt different.
Not like the kids in the east are different.
And not like the kids in the west are different.
Cus on earth there is one heart.
I did you wrong, set you apart.
Track Name: Night of the Hunter
What a shame, I wanna change and can't.
That lamp is lit, that flower picked.
I had a thought to cast my lot in with you,
the worst that you could do is still good for me.

All my life I've been looking for the place,
where you caught a cold,
standing on the jetty with a cigarette,
watching timid water wet its bed.

Sparkling water, a river, run over.
Army of tides, would you hide your number.
You did cradle my legs when I wade out to touch your face.
You said you'd carry me now as you carried my brother
singing, nah nah nah.

I spent time earning medals
in the war between her and him
with their hearts and skin intermingled
in a tangle we no one ever did untie
but you are soft and sweet,
inside your chest I hear I song,
but you don't sing or know the key,
though written where our fingers meet.

Oh good boat be good to me,
Bare me as a gift to thee,
Silver ship, fly fast, fly free,
Bare me as a gift.
Track Name: Smallest Sound
When you hear the smallest sound the earth can whisper,
Breathe this breath and skip the next, I hear it coming.
I touched you, you turned, I have no earthly wisdom
But I can hear a falling leaf,

I swear we will go all.

Touch your tears to mine, this soup is so eternal,
As I'm dropping names, remember ways we've traveled.
The heat beneath our feet comes not from any sidewalk
But oh my soul you burn, it hurts.

Pretty tree I see you have no leaves to fall now,
I loved every sound you made, I breathe your air
I broke bottles on your back, that was my way then.
Come with me who call me friend.

Let me on the boat,
I feel it getting close.
Let me on the boat,
I feel it in my bones.
If your food can't keep the bottle down,
I'll take your hand and never let go.
Time moves fast and slow,
Time moves fast and time moves slow.
Track Name: Strawberry Jam
There is a thing you thought you had.
In a dream you were so happy,
But woke up empty handed.

I know my friend's only secret.
Ask, and I'll tell you,
Which tree the birds have nested in.

Some heavy things fill your mind with images.
Some heavy things get you lifted.
Some heavy things fill your mind with images.

I saw the serpent at the edge,
licking tongues of seven heads,
at any hope he finds there.

I saw you rising from the earth,
speaking tongues of fire and flood,
though I walk the bitter waters.

I saw you in a dream,
you were transfigured in a body,
as I demonstrate a tree that birds have nested in.
I know you don't believe
but oh how sweet the fruit of Mary's womb will be,
When I comes to you in full bloom
and in my mind I saw Strawberry Jam,
flowing over mine and sister's hands.
Track Name: Celeste
Old Starling wanted me know.
Five years left, and then we go.
One went fast and four pass so slow.

Matters not metal or clay,
each forgets itself that day
when the planets learn how they were made.

Go ahead and build with brick
and build with steel six inches thick.
When it comes we will stand amazed.

I will climb the ladder too.
I will climb the ladder with you.

Underneath the weighty vine,
I am yours and you were mine.
Even though it hurts so bad this time.

Starring at the speckled wall,
One spot becomes all I know,
Up my arms go and then up I go.

I will climb the ladder up,
higher till my cup is full.
If you touch my lip with coal,
I will speak coherently.
As I do ascend the steps,
Offering my five year breath,
What I sought I see,
the chocolate box of righteousness.
Oh to know the rhythm of the stars,
and dance this planet's holy sacred heart,
It is such a shame that we should part.

Old Starling you wanted me to know,
Five years left until we go,
One went fast and four pass so slow.